Breezy's Butters // Organic Cashew Butters

About Us

It all started with a New Years resolution to commit to 30 days of spankin' clean eating. 30 days of no sugar, additives, soy, grains, dairy, legumes or preservatives. The parameters of this dietary reset left with me little commercially available products so I decided to make my own EVERYTHING! From dressings to sauces to condiments (HELLO BREEZY'S BUTTERS!). If I wanted it, I had to make it! Creating Breezy's Butters became a passion and ultimately I have found a huge need for wholesome, clean options that regardless of your dietary needs everyone will love!  Almost all of the other nut butters on the market have added oils and sweeteners. Breezy's Butters are made from organic cashews and coconuts which have superfood powers and allow the all natural flavors to shine through. Breezy's Butters are the perfect spread, dip, all natural frosting alternative or how I like it best right off of the spoon!